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The Founder Background
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My Background

I am an expert in solving the problems that many companies face every day: many opportunities to go after but limited bandwidth to do so, balancing the need to keep the lights on with the need to continuously grow, and figuring out how to scale without losing out on innovation. If you're a founder who is spread too thin, get back to doing what you do best by handing off company operational items like vendor management, interfacing with your law firm,  and managing Carta and

I spent 6 years at Uber in a variety of operations leadership roles, growing with the company from 500 employees to >20,000. I built a number of Ops organizations from scratch, in both the U.S. and Latin America, as well as in both the rideshare and micromobility business units.


Some other companies I've worked with: Incredible Health, Flare, NuBrakes,, and Nuvocargo. I love working with great leaders to help their businesses scale. 

I grew up in the Boston area and now live in San Diego, though I'll never stop rooting for the Patriots and Red Sox or drinking Dunkin. I got my undergraduate degree in business at Washington University in St. Louis, with a double major in Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship.

My Experience Baclground


My Expertise

Your company needs exceptional execution to turn your good idea into a good business. I bring the experience of seeing that go well, and seeing that go poorly, from my work in the fast-growth tech world.


An organization's potential is defined by its leadership, management, and hiring practices. I can bring many years of experience doing those things effectively to bear for you.

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