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The Founder Background



Tono Health is a pre-seed startup focused on delivering specialty dermatology care via telemedicine. I operated as Tono's part-time COO for 5 months. In this role, I had three core functions:

  • Leader of the Operations team

  • Advisor to the CEO

  • Owner of strategic cross-functional projects

Leader of the Operations team

In my first few weeks with Tono, I spent time with the Operations and leadership teams asking questions about how various processes worked and observing individuals in their respective job functions. We quickly identified that Tono's main growth challenge would be scalability of their customer-facing processes. Like many early-stage startups, there was no standardized or well-documented way in which customers were onboarded, contacted, or responded to. Therefore, as more customers joined the platform, and more employees joined the team, it would become increasingly difficult to ensure a positive, consistent, and cost-effective user experience

With the support of the Operations team and the company's leadership team, we worked on a series of initiatives that:

  • Standardized key processes such as customer onboarding

  • Increased operational efficiency through automation using Product/Engineering team resources

  • Documented all customer-related processes to allow for tracking of the company's performance and easy onboarding of new customer-impacting employees to their roles

  • Created Standard Operating Procedure template and organization framework that enabled future core operational and customer-facing processes to be easy documented and trained on

Owner of strategic cross-functional projects

Beyond customer operations, there were a number of opportunities for improved scalability that would ensure Tono was set up for its next phase of growth. I supported or led the work on the following cross-functional deliverables:

  • Standardized interview and hiring process

  • Prioritization matrix for Engineering roadmap

  • Employee performance management process

  • Hiring and management of marketing contractors for SEO and content development

"Working with Max was a game changer. He brought invaluable 'been-there-done-that' insights and frameworks that helped us scale our patient load 200%. He was an invaluable advisor to me personally as we built from 0-1."

~Bryson Tombridge - CEO, Tono Health

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